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Basic plans to follow you can modify anything to suit the materials you have.


Tools You Will Need

  1. Trusty old hammer
  2. Socket set
  3. Hand saw & jigsaw
  4. Battery drill
  5. Battery screw driver or screw driver set
  6. Sand paper

Wood Required

  1. 18mm ply
  2. 90mm x 40mm soft wood for chassis

Wood Measurements

  1. Chassis 110mm L X 90mm W X 40mm D
  2. Sides 600mm L X 200mm H
  3. Back  424mm L X 200mm H
  4. Seat Base 600mm L X 460mm W
  5. Axle carriers 460mm L X 90mm W X 40mm D

Hard Ware

  1. Coach bolt 90mm L X 10mm Diameter large penny washer & ny-lock nut
  2. Wood screws 3mm X 50mm
  3. Axles & Wheels
  4. Approx 1 metre of rope for steering

The axle carriers and seat width is determined by the size axles you acquire these plans are based on a 600mm axle set which gives a space between wheels of approximately 470mm. 

Free Basic Go-Kart Building Plans
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